Artificial Intelligence in CRM

Artificial Intelligence use in businesses was like a fiction than reality until recent years. Today, many companies have put AI powered solutions into use for enriching customer experience.
Artificial Intelligence in CRM
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Dynamics CRM

Systems come secondary, give best instrument to your sales and service team to Enter and Track the data. Do you have a query, how you can do it in Dynamics CRM, meet our integration Xperts.
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ChatBots in Dynamics CRM - Part II

We recently walked you through our ChatBot integration for MS Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365) solution "ChatBots in Dynamics CRM" Here we would like to provide a deeper insight on how it would work as well as the usability quotient.

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Smart Change in Daily Commute?

There has been rising concern on city’s traffic problem, making daily commute nothing less than a task. Wherein all the IT hubs like Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Baner etc. face tremendous hold ups and usually traffic clusters take hours to clear up. Obviously commuters struggle to reach their destinations on time. The counter effect also instigates road rage, risk hazards, mishaps and unpleasant instances. Definitely everything attributes to inconvenience, hampered productivity and mindsets.

ChatBots in Dynamics CRM

A bot is a service which interacts with users. Bots are like virtual assistant which can converse, address queries and help the user to get the things done faster seamlessly without manual intervention. We can easily develop the ChatBot Application by using the Microsoft Azure Bot Service, Cognitive Services. #BotinDynamicsCRM #Artifical Intelligence #CRM #Bots #nsquarexperts
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