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What’s really killing your marketing initiatives?

Along with market fluctuations and business movements, it is imperative for any business to handle their marketing activities, tracking leads, campaigns etc. with evermore diligence. Needless to say that, how much account Management and prospect nurturing activities prove to be pivotal for business success. Now, shifting dynamics always storms or breezes the market scenarios creating enough turbulence to create challenges for generating new business as well as ploughing existing clients. Although the impact is different or altered from business to business, nevertheless it always has a critical horizon that we all dread.

    A common scenario of deploying focused campaign that would run around with high expectation often have tendencies of meager results. It always comes down to strategic fallouts and trigger unnecessary back and forth, while the perpetrator might be something else. Sometimes it’s just important to go whole 9 yards for a maximum squeeze to be conclusive on viabili…