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Call-Integra - CRM & Telephony Integration (CTI) with Call-Integra for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Call-Integra for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates your CRM and telephony systems providing integration for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. Call-Integra for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to optimize your investment in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Telephone infrastructure providing a seamless telephony integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivered in a cost effective and user friendly manner.

Call-Integra Benefits
Streamlined telephony activity within your businessImproved customer relationships, service levels and customer satisfactionIncreased telephone call efficiency and throughputIncreased business productivityReduced development costs with ease of deployment and implementationSupports Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and Online

User Interface

Initiate an outgoing call

A call can be started by simply selection of item like contact.
User can dial number by using dialer and call using call button.

Pop Up Screen

Call Receive/ End:
Call can be received by using r…